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Stardancer News

The Pursuit of Beauty

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M. C. A. Hogarth
2 October
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  • m@mcahogarth.org
  • haikujaguar@livejournal.com

Please keep your language PG-13 and your icons work-safe while visiting. Thank you!

This journal is an attempt to refract a little sliver of beauty and laughter from my world into yours. But if you'd like a more concrete summary of what you'll find any given week:

I have a young daughter which has inspired a lot of thought about family, culture, connections and my own history as a first-generation American. Tags: mom in spots, birth story, life, philosophy

I write SF/F and nonfiction. Fiction-wise I write mostly about aliens; non-fiction, I talk mostly about culture and technology. I often discuss conventions I've attended (or am about to attend), occasionally review things and often have random meta-conversations with visiting characters who (alas) recognize me as the source of their troubles. You can buy my work on all the usual sites, though Amazon has my biggest presence. Tags: writing, con reports, cons and appearances, meta-conversations

I draw and paint (mostly illustrative work). I post updates on sketches, paintings and works in progress. Occasionally I'll go backwards through the +3100 sketches I have online on my website's art archive to give you guided tours of certain subject matters. You can also buy my art online. Tags: art, guided tour

I also write poetry; originally this journal was all in haiku. Tags: haiku, poetry

I jog, have done martial arts and am always on a quest to manage my health issues with food and exercise. Tags: aikido, fencing, health

I also do rare single-card readings for people from a meditation and self-exploratory card deck I designed and created myself, called the Balance Cards. Tags: balance cards, one card draw

I write about a variety of other things often enough to tag them, though they're more extracurriculars and hobbies than driving passions. You'll find some entries under: culture, florida, food, gaming, humor, language, music, nature, massage therapy

Feel free to Friend if you enjoy! If you'd like to see me on your journal more often, do comment; if I get to know you, I'll often start reading you more often. I like to meet people! :)

Just in case you wanted to send me magic decaf coffee or chocolate money...

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