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My E-Fiction Offerings

technomage asked me a very reasonable question, looking at my e-fiction offerings: "Where do I start?" Since I'm betting at least some of you have received e-book readers for the holidays, I thought I'd write out my answer for general consumption. Here, then, is a run-down on what I've got so far and what order they're best read in.

The average story is 99 cents, but prices range from free to $3.99. Both websites allow sampling, so try before you buy!

Note: Amazon does not allow me to post free fiction, so all free stories are available from Smashwords only. Also, both my Amazon and my Smashwords files are DRM-free.

The Jokka: Gender and Loss Among Aliens
The Jokka are aliens with three sexes—female, male and neuter—who also have a chance to turn from one sex to another at two separate puberties. Recent climate changes have been harsh on them, and the breeding sexes are particularly prone to strokes and other forms of stress-related disability. These stories deal with gender, identity and loss and are not light reading. They were among my first published pieces. If you want to travel to a completely different world and be immersed—there are no humans in these stories—try these. The list below is chronological by the world's timeline.

     • Freedom, Spiced and Drunk (Smashwords) Made the secondary Tiptree Reading List; recommended for a Nebula.
     • New Stories (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • A Trifold Spiral Knot (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Money for Sorrow, Made Joy (Smashwords)
     • Unspeakable (Smashwords) Finalist for 2003 Spectrum award; won the 2002 Strange Horizons Reader's Choice award.
     • His Neuter Face (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Fire in the Void (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • The Worth of a Shell (Smashwords | Amazon) Also available in hard copy.

The covers of the Jokka stories use a beige title bar, except for The Worth of a Shell, which uses the paperback cover.

The Le'enle: To Be Immortal
The Le'enle are magical immortals, and so one would expect their stories to be full of epic-fantasy-like derring-do. Instead they end up as meditations on the limitations of power, relationships and the consequences of being almost omnipotent. These are mood pieces, some of them drifting into horror. If you want an anodyne to "super-powerful heroes solve everything," try these.
     • For the Love of Mortals (Smashwords)
     • Useless Tears (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Breaths Long as Years (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Not Now, Not Ever (Smashwords | Amazon)

The covers of the Le'enle stories use a rose title bar.

Kherishdar: Civilization and the Role of the Individual
The stories of the Ai-Naidar are also sociological science fiction... about society, civilization and the balance between individual and community. The Ai-Naidar place more emphasis on the latter, and their caste-based empire makes for very different values. The Aphorisms was my first sustained effort at crowdfunding, and deals with the virtues of the empire of Kherishdar; the Admonishments, the companion volume, deals with its sins. If you want something more meditative in tone, or only have time to read very short pieces, try these.

     • The Aphorisms of Kherishdar (Smashwords ) Also available in hard copy.
     • The Admonishments of Kherishdar (currently only available as a website or a hard copy).

The Pelted SF: Adventure and Ethics, with Gengineered Furries
The Pelted's relationship with humanity, who created them via genetic engineering centuries ago, is the subject of my non-military SF in the Paradox universe. Of those, "A Distant Sun" is the best introduction for new readers. The rest are lighter in tone, ranging from frankly humorous to happy-ending stories, all with humanity and their effect on the Pelted hanging in the background. If you want light biology-leaning sociological SF, or you like furries, try these, in this order:

     • A Distant Sun (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Rosettes & Ribbons (Smashwords | Amazon) Chosen for Best in Show anthology.
     • The Elements of Freedom (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Tears (Smashwords)
     • Butterfly (Smashwords | Amazon)

The covers of the Pelted SF stories use a light blue title bar.

The Pelted Military SF: Adventure in Space, with Gengineered Furries
The Pelted developed their military based on hazy memories of Earth's and came up with something a little softer-core in mission and behavior. In much the same way, my Pelted SF is a lot more relationship-based than typical. Nevertheless, it does have its share of explosions and space-based crises. Most of the Pelted military SF revolves around Alysha Forrest and the women who will eventually crew her battlecruiser, the UAV Stardancer. Here's the order to read these stories, if you want a bit of crunch with your soft toffee center:

     • Alysha's Fall (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Second (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • In the Line of Duty (Smashwords | Amazon) Won the 2003 Ursa Major for Best Short Fiction.
     • Dark Lighthouse (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Season's Meaning (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • Stormfront (Smashwords)

The covers of the Pelted military SF use a dark blue-violet title bar (with the exception of Alysha's Fall, which uses the hard copy cover).

Standalone Work: Fantasy
I have several standalone fantasy works. "Bitter Apples" is a story in the mode of classic fairy tales, while "A Divine Consistency" is traditional sword-and-sorcery work about a woman knight.
     • Bitter Apples (Smashwords | Amazon)
     • A Divine Consistency (Smashwords | Amazon )

Standalone Work: Contemporary/Romance
My one office romance set in modern-day is a F/F meet-cute, selling well enough that I'm working on a sequel.
     • Skip-Leveling (Smashwords | Amazon)

Standalone Work: Furry
"The Blade to Your Hand," originally published in the magazine Anthrolations, is a F/F furry fantasy, with pirates.
     • The Blade to Your Hand (Smashwords | Amazon)

Standalone Work: Science Fiction
Finally, in science fiction, Spots the Space Marine is a download of the first 25 chapters of the military SF serial still in progress.
     • Spots the Space Marine, Chapters 1-25 (Smashwords)

And that's all I have for now! I'll try to keep this list updated. As always, I hope if you like something you'll leave a review on Amazon and/or Smashwords.

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