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James Bond, Running and Hormones

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We are having a brief spate of fall weather (lows in the low 70s, highs in the upper 80s), so everywhere you look people are outside and probably will be until the cold spell ends. We won't have weather like this consistently until end of November, early December, so we're all enjoying it while we can. I laugh when I see printed hand-outs from school or write-ups in blogs about "how to keep your child active as winter approaches." Winter is when it's good to be outside!

Since it's beautiful, I've been going to the park to jog rather than the family center... and there, I was deeply disappointed to discover I could barely run a minute, just like when I first started going to the gym almost two months ago. I thought I had gotten to the point where I could jog over 10 minutes consecutively! Depressed, this jaguar was.

Day two. It's still too beautiful to go inside so once again, I skipped the treadmill for the park. This time, halfway into my walk I remembered I'd downloaded a "cardiotrainer" app for my new phone, so on a whim I turned it on. Took a breath and continued running.

Half a minute later, James Bond intones: "SPEED: Five point NINE miles PER HOUR."

In this rolling British accent (complete with swaggering arrogance), no kidding... I almost stopped running to laugh. And for the rest of my run, James Bond informed me of my mileage and minutes run at intervals, along with my average speed, and there was something... so... unreal about it. I was in the middle of a park, close to no one, with no tools in hand, and my phone was recording where I was, how fast I was going and whether I'd burned enough calories to eat two peaches or three. It was an intrusion of the world into the cocoon of the park, and it made me realize I think of places like the park as an "un-world," and the crush of humanity, technology and concrete as more inevitable than trees, birdsong and quiet.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

At least James Bond solved the mystery of why I can't jog twenty minutes in the park: my average speed on the treadmill is 4-4.5 miles an hour. Running almost 6 is a big difference. But since I figured it's 6 miles an hour I have to run in order to make my 10-minute mile, Mr. Bond and I will see if I can train myself up to that level.

Besides, deer tracks and beautiful lakes! What is not to like!

Meanwhile, a short health update. I have been trying to figure out how to write about this for weeks, so I think I'll just dive in.

My doctor and I have been hard at work trying to figure out the source of my persistent health issues. To this end, I have had more health tests in a few months' time than I've had in my life, from vials of blood drawn to things as exotic as soaking cotton next my gums, and everywhere we looked we found evidence of... normalcy. Given how I feel, this was very distressing. But I have a good and creative doctor, so we kept looking. No mono. No recurring/lingering kidney infection. No anemia. No problems with the thyroid. No liver problems. No cholesterol problems. There were a couple of visits where he sent me home without charging me because he felt he'd done nothing for me.

Cut for TMI.Collapse )

Anyway. I write this because many of my readers are women and maybe you have mood-swings and have trouble with exercise, and you might not know why. You might have my problem. Try talking to your doctor about it, okay?

And that is the end of the TMI. And since it was unpleasant, I will close with another park photo. I love my new phone camera! I have read some people complaining it's not as good as other phones', but this is some amazing resolution compared to my Sidekick. Just look at the sun on those flowers!

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