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An Observation about Legs

Today I was on the treadmill alongside another woman who was about four or five inches taller than me. I happened to glance over at her speed indicator and it was at the exact same setting mine was.

...but I was hitting the ground twice as often as she was. You could have beat a drum to represent us: her bass beat, one...two... one... two... and my little snare: one-two-three-four-one-two-three-four. I had no idea leg length mattered that much, that I could be working twice as hard to run the same speed as someone taller than me.

Of course, that's not what I thought at the time, which was more along the lines of "wow, I don't like what this implies about my survival chances if the vampires|wizards|Chaos Marines attacked this facility right now."

What can I say. This is the brain that birthed Spots out of too much time on an elliptical. -_-

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