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Tuesday With Fox!

Word of the Day
sapid, adj. 1. Having a strong, pleasant taste; palatable. 2. (of talk or writing) Pleasant or interesting.

Etymology says this one’s from Latin sapidus, from sapere, “to taste.”

Daughter at 5 Years

This week is the art week! Daughter drew this picture of her stuffed animal fox… with her riding it, to her grandmother’s house. I asked her what was in the thought bubbles, since it’s a little hard to read. Foxy is thinking of giving a Valentine to her. She is thinking “I am havin fun” (spelled just so). And my mother is saying “cam in” (come in).

“Look, Mommy,” she says, pointing this out twice to make sure I see it, “the door is open.” And indeed, it is: she’s figured out how to draw a door so that it’s not just a hole in the house, but you can see the open door across from it, with the handle.

I did just notice that Foxy has five legs, though. I guess that makes him run faster. Either that or drawing legs is too much fun to stop at four!

Creative News/Plans
Earthrise just posted! We are just about halfway through the book now. My commute’s giving me time to work through my audiobook approval queue, so I’ve approved “Unknowable” and am working through the last chapters of Rosary; after that, it’s Godkin (Book 1) and “Anadi Dolls.” Lots of good audiobooks coming!

I’m manually putting stories up on B&N that Smashwords failed to transfer (or transferred without meta-data), so for instance Black Blossom and Alysha’s Fall have finally made it over. Look for more of those in the coming weeks.

Otherwise, more writing. I would like the Jokka novels to be out of my head and into the revision stage.

Elsewhere (The Edition)
Silent Reading Isn’t So Silent. Apparently we “speak” the lines we read to ourselves, or so brain scans show.
Forget the Placebo Effect, It’s the Care Effect That Matters. This one also makes sense to me.

Quote of the Day
Self-knowledge comes from knowing other men. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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