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Audiobook Available: Stormfront

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I guess if I had to choose a word to describe the voice of the narrator I chose for “Stormfront,” it would be… studly.

Seriously. I wanted a no-nonsense, go-get-’em, science-fiction kind of narrator and that’s what I got in Robert Clark, who volunteered for “Stormfront” and did an excellent job not just giving voices to all the different characters, but pronouncing all the Alliance jargon without tripping all over his tongue. The result is 27 minutes of radio-play-like drama, and I really enjoyed listening to it. I’m keeping Clark in my pocket for the sequel, when I finally finish it. >.>

If The Aphorisms was too gentle to keep your interest and the Admonishments too emotionally violent, “Stormfront” might be just what you want: action-adventure, all guns firing, go go go! This is my third audiobook, and my first Pelted universe offering. Check it out, see if it’s up your alley! And as always, if you like it, leave a review or star rating and/or tell a friend!

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