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Things on My Mind

Mostly so I don’t forget to deal with all these things, but you can read and comment as you wish:

* The Admonishments, now that I’ve listened to it from beginning to end, need more material as an audiobook than they did as a chapbook. Something has to replace the final illustrations in the book that imply the events in Black Blossom, so I am writing an epilogue to the audiobook that will be… specific to the audiobook! Bonus material for audio-only fans! Also, Dorse’s Thirukedi in the Admonishments is such a pleasure to listen to, I can’t resist giving him more opportunities to voice him.

* Related, I notice I have taken for granted that I am not to do marketing on these things? So I have fixed that, and will be adding a note at the end of the Admonishments audiobook about the Aphorisms.

* Also related, the money I receive from Black Blossom donations this week—we have a Wednesday episode already—I am going to squirrel away so I can pay the narrator of the Aphorisms to do… the Kickstarter video voice-over for Black Blossom! That’s going to be a short dialogue between the Calligrapher and Kor. I can’t wait to write that! Or hear it!

* Otherwise, I have approved Stormfront for release, so in a week and a half or so that will be available as an audiobook.

* I also wonder if there are audiobook awards. Anyone know? I think my narrator deserves one.

Black Blossom
* I must remind me to set aside money for marker refills; I definitely need a Lionet Gold refill if I’m going to be doing the Black Blossom cover in the style of the calligraphy. And I’m out of black too.

* Consensus about Black Blossom from all of you is… not to post if I don’t have the money. O_O I am honored that you all want to make sure I eat! But I am thinking of turning the tables on that and posting every time I make the $15 cap. Most weeks that would result in the same three episode a week schedule we’ve been keeping. But on some weeks, we’d probably get an extra two episodes based on people’s donations.

* Also, Starshadow nicely reminded me that I had that cut scene about Ajan and Kor from Black Blossom to offer as a Kickstarter incentive. I am thinking that would make a nice stretch goal bonus. I’d even consider drawing it… the two of them don’t mind, since my idea of pr0n is apparently risible by internet standards.

* I have a half-written Anthrocon report to finish. Will do that… at some point this week, perhaps.

* I have Three Jaguars cartoons to scan. I am also pondering a variation on a kickstarter for that in which you give me ideas for cartoons and I draw them; sort of like the Ten Sketches, but instead of asking me to draw you a tiger or a koi pond, you can tell me to draw something about why fast food places try to charge you soda prices for water, or about how unexpected expenses pile up and how to manage them.

* Now that I’m caught up with accounting, I see that serials provide a lot of my daily income… which suggests to me I should be ready to do something once I’m done with Black Blossom. I am going to drop that in Fred’s lap so he’s got time to work on it. And yes, my subconscious has a male name. Blame Damon Knight.


Think that’s everything… for now anyway. Keeping the whole Jaguar Media Empire running is a lot of work, I should figure out how to offload more of it to able assistants. But that’s for later. For now me and my impending migraine are going to lie down.

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