M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Work While You Have the Light

Today I…

* listened to an audition for Flight of the Godkin Griffin by an older woman with a delightfully velvety voice, liked it, and sent her an offer.

* listened to and okayed the full production for the “Stormfront” audiobook and am awaiting final upload to hit the “approve and put in production” button. The narrator I chose has a nice, clear tenor, matter-of-fact and focused, just right for Pelted science fiction.

* listened to and okayed the first fifteen minutes of the Admonishments audiobook, in which Daniel Dorse transforms from the Calligrapher into a subtly very scary Shame. He’s done with most of the rest and will be uploading it soon.

* did a podcast interview with Anna Harte and Greg Graves for Webfiction World about crowdfunding and using Kickstarter, which was quite enjoyable but left me absolutely hoarse (and very confused about tacos? You’ll understand when you tune in).

* added a page on my website detailing business consultation services I offer artists, in response to something Anna Harte said off-hand during the interview.

* prepared tomorrow’s Black Blossom post…

* …and started developing the Kickstarter project for Black Blossom—check out the preview here—which entailed some thoughts about prizes. I am still considering the prizes, so input is welcome!

Tonight I will probably work a little on a new e-book cover for “The Elements of Freedom,” continuing my effort to revamp all the older e-books so that they look more considered/professional. Redoing the “Stormfront” cover has had a measurable effect on its downloads so far. Or I might collapse. I am trying to stay busy, though, following the motto: When in Doubt, Work.

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