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Good News

Just a brief note… after letting it languish for three months, I sat down today and caught up on my accounting. After putting all the numbers in I see that for the first time I’ve hit a revenue goal I’ve been aiming for since I went into business. In the past, I’ve come very close—three years ago, I was within a thousand dollars of it—but I’ve never made it free and clear. And now I have… with almost half the year left to go.

While not all of this is due to Kickstarter, a big percentage of it can be attributed to it, especially in the matter of lump sums going into savings. The rest of it is, I think, very slow growth over the years; every year (barring woes in the greater economy at large), my revenue number’s been growing, little by little, as the work I have out there continues to earn passive income and bring in new fans. I got serious about throwing my weight into the harness in art/writing about twelve years ago, but I only started getting traction about five years ago, so I guess I’ve still got at least five years to go before I hit my “overnight success.” We shall see.

Most of you will be pleased to learn that of the money I make, 80% goes to savings and expenses, and the remainder is the “cup of coffee” money that results in me taking my daughter fun places. Like eating lunch in the Chinese place, sitting together and puzzling over fortune cookies (“I want the one with the BEST message, Mommy, you can have the other.”). It buys carousel rides, expeditions to the craft store, and trips to the coffee shop to gnaw on dried apples and write random words on napkins as impromptu spelling practice. When I take Daughter out to the mail place and she gets quarters to use on the little machine that dispenses cheap twenty-five cent toys, she knows it’s because “Mommy’s had a good week at work.” That’s your hand, right there, all of you.

So all in all, not bad for a very part-time job (to the tune of 10-15 hours a week). And exceptionally good for a year when I’ve had a lot more interruptions of schedule; there have been weeks I’ve been lucky to get in any time at all. I plan to continue tilting at the windmill for the remainder of the year, but to be honest anything above this goal amount will feel a lot like an overfunded kickstarter: what did I do? How did I get on this train? How long will it last! No complaints, but a lot of suspense…

Most of all, though, I want to thank you all: you are the ones buying those little moments at the Chinese restaurant, and the carousel rides, and the markers so Mommy can doodle. Even those of you who have little money of your own to share are doing more than I can explain or express by sharing your enthusiasm for my work with others.

You matter. I will try always to honor your trust.

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