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In Progress

Quick News:

1. I now have two audiobooks in production: “Stormfront” and The Admonishments of Kherishdar. The latter is being voiced by Daniel Dorse again; the former by someone new with a nice clear tenor, vibrant and focused, that I thought would work well for science fiction. Those should be done within a month or so.

2. I am slowly redoing my back-catalog of ebooks, cleaning up typos/errors, updating the author information and redoing the covers that look too slap-dash. The first two fixed-up pieces were “Stormfront” (in preparation for the forthcoming audiobook) and “A Distant Sun,” which has been renamed “Broken Chains.”

3. Sunday I’ll be recording a session with Webfiction World, a podcast dedicated to (yes indeed) webfiction. When I get the air date for that one I’ll tell you where to find it.

4. All the art for the sketch kickstarter has been packaged and all the envelopes addressed. I just have to add a couple more touches and those will be going out the door, probably end of this week/early next. I’ll take a breather and then consider which kickstarter project I want to tackle next.

5. Finally, a reminder that we are having a Livestream Friday night for the One Card Draw.

Oh, wait, there’s a 5.5 too: I really like the Steampunk Magician Tarot Card that silvertales started last weekend, so here’s a link to go look at the line art.

And that’s it; happy holidays to those of you in the states. Tomorrow, more stuff. As usual.

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