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All the News That’s Fit to Print

And here it is:

• Barring explosions, I’ll have finished writing Black Blossom within a week. Within the week, if I’m any judge; by Friday or Saturday, probably. I guess I could say something about that, but mostly that I am exhausted. It’s hard for me to stop writing when I get near the end of a book. I think “I’ll do four pages” and do fourteen, and want to keep going. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of material left: I’m about 42 pages in front of where you are, and pulling ahead. You’ll have Black Blossom for a while yet.

All the Kickstarter doodles are done and scanned. I’ll do the raffle on Friday and then start packaging the materials for mailing next week. If you ordered a sketch from me and haven’t received it yet, it will be going out with the mass mailing sometime next week. More on that later.

Someone rated the Aphorisms on Audible.com… thank you! That’s the first sign I’ve gotten back that the copies that have sold have pleased my readers. If you enjoyed the audiobook, please be sure to leave a review or star rating somewhere.

• Likewise, if you are a fan of Godkin and liked it, I hope you will say so. The Amazon page there looks really blank. I’m currently talking with Sofawolf’s editor about Book 2; our tentative release date for that is in mid-spring next year, in time for Furry Weekend Atlanta (I believe that’s March). He’ll be sending me the edits in the next few months and we’re discussing the cover design now.

• With the latest Kickstarter project nearing its completion, I am considering what to do next. It will either be pay for the Black Blossom hard copy/ebook/audiobook, or do a big painting… and if a big painting, it will be Mnemosyre. I have notes about this one, and it’s going to be… artsy, I guess. But the more I work on it, the more strongly I feel about it, so. Mnemosyre will be my first single-painting kickstarter project, so I’m not sure how to handle prizes. Thoughts on that always appreciated.

• Once Black Blossom is done, I am considering what to do with my writing time. I suspect the Faerie Farmer is my next big project, but I also am thinking of taking some time off to edit novels sitting on my hard drive but not yet released: that would be the two Stardancer novels, Sword of the Alliance and Either Side of the Strand; and the Her Instruments trilogy, which Baen is still sitting on but which I will probably withdraw from their slush pile by the end of summer. Honestly the big thing stopping me there is they need cover art, and cover art takes me a lot of concentrated time… but I may be getting some time back in the future, so we’ll see.

• Finally, I’m not spending much time at the computer, and when I am it’s to write. I’m quasi-caught-up with email but it tends to come in faster than I can read it, some days. There’s a lot of stuff going on in Real Life that is using me up, but I am trying to keep on top of everything here as well. Your patience, as always, is appreciated.

And that’s the news that’s worth printing.

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