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Tuesday, with Guitar Story

Word of the Day
gorgonize, v. : to have a mesmerizing or paralyzing effect on : stupefy, petrify

I had known of the Gorgons, of course, but had no idea the word had been verbified in the 1600s. Even then, people were mashing the language into weird shapes and probably horrifying the prescriptivists. -_-

Daughter at 4 Years
The other day we were in the fancy-grocery, looking around at the dairy section, when child said, “Why do those boys have such funny backpacks?”

I looked over and spotted two youths, maybe late high school/early college, wearing guitar cases strapped to their backs, something I was about to explain when the taller one nudged the smaller one and whispered, “She’s asking about our guitars.”

Then he turned and said to Daughter, “Our backpacks are big like this so we can fit our guitars in them.”

“OH,” Daughter said, staring up at him with frank curiosity.

“Would you like to see?” he said, eager.

“Yes!” Daughter exclaimed.

So he took his backpack off and unzipped it so she could see the neck of the guitar and a bit of the body. “We’re in a band,” he said to me. “We’re going to be famous in twenty years!”

“Ten years,” his friend beside him mumbled.

“Well, we’ll see,” the first said, and continued to me, “He’s the bass player.”

“Yeah,” the second said to my Daughter, “my guitar is better than his.”

The first snorted and the two grinned at one another, and then the first said to my Daughter, “You should learn to play! Maybe you could be in a band one day.”

“Maybe you should,” I said to Daughter. And to the boys, “Thank you so much.”

And they returned to their browsing, beaming. I took Daughter by the hand and wandered on, and thought that of all the things I see while out with her, one of the rarest and most pleasing is the sight of teens and young adults excited about the world and eager to share it with younger kids. So many teenagers I meet are already world-weary; the ones who know that their whole lives lie before them, with all its wonders and mysteries (and yes, unknowable heartbreaks)… those are the ones who make me happy. And that those two boys were willing to share that excitement with my daughter made my day.

I hope they do become famous one day. In ten years, not twenty.

Creative News/Plans
We have paid for an episode of Black Blossom tomorrow and part of a Friday! So we will get that tomorrow.

Also today, the icons for Kickstarter backers in the $10+ levels have been posted under a backers-only update over there on Kickstarter. You can go pick those up if you qualify… if you don’t, you can get a sneak peak of tomorrow’s uploaded sketches over on Stardancer.

Elsewhere (The History-Meets-Technology Edition)
Travel Across the Roman Empire in Real Time. Includes route calculation based on ancient Roman itineraries…!
Queen Victoria’s Journals. All of them. Scanned. Page by page.

Quote of the Day
Maxim for life: You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you. ~ Wayne Dyer

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