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Wednesday What? A Daily Post?

Why yes! It is the return of the (sporadic) daily post!

Random Pretty Puffball Flowers

Word of the Day
ramify, v. 1: to branch out. 2a: to cause to branch out. 2b: to separate into divisions.

Chosen because I didn’t know that “ramifications” had a verb form. From the Latin ramus, “branch.” I like this note under the etymology section: “English acquired several scientific words from ramus, including the now obsolete “ramage”, meaning “untamed,” or “wild.” Ramage originated in falconry—a term applied to young hawks that had begun to fly from branch to branch.”

Wiki Page of the Day
I have been updating this here and there quietly, but nothing huge lately.

Daughter at 4 Years
While walking to the local (chain, *sigh*) coffee shop to have a little interlude where we practice words and have warm drinks, I was stopped by Daughter, who exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, a feather!”

She stopped to pick up this downy bit of broken fluff, which I looked at and thought (sadly), Please don’t tell me she wants to keep that mite-ridden, dirt-smudged thing that probably a million people have stepped on. And of course, she said, “Let’s keep it!”

“I think we should leave it there,” I said. “The poor bird who lost it might want it back, and if we take it, when it comes back it won’t be able to find it!”

Whereupon Child said, “Oh, MOMMY. Birds don’t need their old feathers… they drop the old ones and then they grew NEW ones. So we can keep this one. It won’t come back for it.”

Dratted science shows. Now I’m going to have to find new ways to talk her out of things. -_-

(She did keep the feather… for a while. I made her wash her hands before eating anything, though.)

Creative News/Plans
I think we’re pretty up to date in this department; I’ve mentioned the audiobook, the sketch kickstarter is on hold this week while I undertake con preparations, Black Blossom is updating as usual. I will note that the latter should come to an end soon, but it will probably be longer than the 100K words I was expecting. I know all that happens from now until the end, but if I want the book to have room to breathe I’m going to have to let those scenes be as long as they want to be, and Farren isn’t the brief type.

Still, it’s a relief to see the end coming soon. This book has been hard work.

Oh, I suppose I should say I got a notion of how to go at the Book of Castes, but it’s still gelatinous. We’ll see if it solidifies.

Elsewhere (The Gorgeous Environmental Art Edition)
Bruce Munro’s Spectacular Light Installation. Oh, go look at this! Like a fairy garden!
Incredible Sand Paintings by Andres Amador. And this… this is like someone decided to do henna painting on the skin of the world. Wow.

Quote of the Day
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. -Maya Angelou

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