M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Friday Night Kaffeeklatsch!

The (amazing) writing track head at Anthrocon got me a last minute slot for a kaffeeklatsch on Friday night, from 5:30 to 7 PM (when my panel starts, in the same room). For those of you unfamiliar with kaffeeklatsches, these are opportunities to just come and hang out casually with a guest; basically, I will be sitting in the room chatting with whomever comes to say hello. (Traditionally, kaffeeklatsches also have coffee and small snacks, but the corkage fees at most hotels and conventions centers these days preclude that kind of thing except at cons that have dedicated kaffeeklatsch tracks.)

The kaffeeklatsch, then, is your best chance to catch me at the con if you want to just talk, whether you’ve met me before or you haven’t had the chance! The rest of my weekend is pretty solidly booked, so I’m glad to have a time set aside specifically to hang out with friends and fans.

I will post my schedule here on Thursday night, before I leave, and I’ll also have it up on my art show panels, so if you want to find me at one of the official con activities you’ll know where I am. But I encourage you, if you can make only one of my events, do the kaffeeklatsch. I love meeting people in an informal setting, and if the crowds at my former kaffeeklatsches are any indication, everyone else has fun too. :)

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