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Several of you have expressed confusion about the timeline for the Kherishdar books, and specifically whether the Aphorisms precedes Black Blossom or vice versa. The answer is that Black Blossom follows the Aphorisms, but I understand the confusion now, having re-read (well, listened) to the book again: in the introduction, the Calligrapher speaks to you directly, and throughout the stories he writes as if speaking to you, and in the final story again addresses you specifically. I can see how that would cause confusion; the book where he meets aliens for the first time would seem to come before the book where he talks to them.

Here’s where the confusion lies: the events that the Calligrapher relates to you in the Aphorisms take place before the events of Black Blossom… but the Calligrapher narrates them to you after the events of Black Blossom. (This also explains the seeming discontinuity errors in the meta-conversations that were posted during both the Aphorisms and the Admonishments).

So imagine it as if the Calligrapher met a new friend (us) during Black Blossom, and then having come to know us, decided to tell us some back-story of his life.

Hopefully that will clear up any confusion about the timeline…! The short answer is “it’s complicated,” and the slightly longer answer is: “read the Aphorisms first”!

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Tags: ai-naidar, black blossom, the admonishments of kherishdar, the aphorisms of kherishdar, writing
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