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Reminder: Reviews Sell Books

I was just reading about how number of reviews count more for Amazon algorithms than the actual rating average of those reviews (which is why some authors are happy to inspire lots of one-star hate reviews because that’s better than being ignored, mathematically speaking). Basically, it’s better to have thirty one-star reviews than one five-star review. Having thirty three or four or five-star reviews looks a lot better, of course, but in terms of making you look like someone worth taking a chance on, counter-intuitively “more reviews” trumps “great reviews.” (Maybe because people assume the book with five five-star reviews was only reviewed by the author’s friends. :, )

So, I thought I’d make the note: even a two-line “I stayed up all night reading this” or “this book was pretty good, I liked the romantic parts” or even “this wasn’t my favorite thing but it was pretty good entertainment” review is better than none. For the print books, you can even go with “the inside of this book is pretty/looks professional.”

And yes, Amazon is still king for those things. Much as I appreciate the Smashwords reviews, no one reads them. Even B&N is a far, far distant second to Amazon’s sales. :/

Sales have been pretty sluggish lately, so every little bit helps. :)

(I should note, I have a ton of titles out and don’t expect people to review them all! So if you only have time for one, the longer ones are best: Wingless, Spots, Rosary, Shell, Clays, the Aphorisms and Admonishments.)

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