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Writing Schedule (Planning the Novels to Come)

I am looking at Black Blossom now; at 83Kish words, the book is a good 330-ish pages or so and we’re approaching the end. I am guessing we’ll wrap up in less than 20K, putting it about the same length as The Worth of a Shell, around 400 pages. At the rate we’re posting, then, probably a couple of months or so will see us finally done with Kor, Farren and all these broken pots.

And then we will take a deep breath.

…or maybe not. Because my brain is already plot-dumping the rest of Elijah’s story, which at 54-ish pages is just long enough to have gotten past the awkward stage and not long enough to make editing it to solve the problem with the setting untenable. And, frankly, I’m kind of astonished at people’s response to it… the excerpt has gotten more comments than anything I’ve posted in months, and most of them aren’t me responding to people. For whatever reason, something has struck a chord there.

So, I am making notes on that one, and remembering how fond I am of it. I’m even batting around real titles to replace the working title… my current front-leader is Small Town God (or Small Town Fae, etc, etc), but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

I’m also trying to decide whether to serialize Elijah’s story or not. I am fascinated at how long some of the pans in the draft are; the scene where Elijah meets Louis and Beryl wanders all the way in town and through three more encounters before it wanders all the way back, and that scene is many, many pages long with no break. It makes me realize how different my writing style was in the time before I took up writing novel-length serials, rather than paper-form novels. I want to say the latter is more immersive, but I don’t think Kherishdar is any less. What I think, sometimes, is that being able to break up a novel into serial-sized chunks has allowed me to make it more immersive. It’s like Kherishdar is dark chocolate ganache. You can’t eat a lot of it in a sitting, but if you know you can space out the servings, you can serve nothing but. Elijah is more like a two-hour meal. You spend a long time at the table, but you’re not eating solid fudge the entire time.

Anyway. It seems clear to me that this is the story that wants my brain, and I think if I write it with my head in a garret I’ll finish it faster, which would be nice. So I am contemplating doing that, and saving the question of whether to serialize it or just do an immediate to-e-book/print book release until after we’re done with Black Blossom.

Wow, it’s going to be weird being done with Black Blossom, isn’t it?

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