M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Doodleriffic (and Prompt Request)

More doodles from yesterday, Mazalaen from Zalitraeq and a shy octopus:

These two are for sale too, for $40 since they’re bigger than the others.

The scanner is once again working, so I’ll be mailing doodles to people who have paid for them already either today or tomorrow. I’m also planning to put some of these on Zazzle because… you know, shy octopus shirts. Finally, I am hoping to hear back from Kickstarter at some point. If they turn down the project again, I will probably just do a livestream version. You’ll know when I do.

Anyway, prompts for doodles are welcome. I may or may not use them. Cute or simple things particularly welcome, and remember, I don’t do weird, ugly or snarky!

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Tags: art, sale
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