M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Random Color Doodles

On a more positive note, I decided today (and a little bit of yesterday) that I was just going to sketch for fun, whatever came to mind, and just throw colors on it. Not to overthink it, not to work hard at it… just the equivalent of doodling in color. Here’s what I’ve done since last night:

This has been a ton of fun, folks. And relaxing! Not to say I’m going to give up my fussy huge ambitious projects, but I think I’ve been all yang and not enough yin lately. So I am going to indulge a bit in fluffy doodling, until the impulse passes. -_-

Apropos of this, I am developing my Ten Markers, Ten Days Kickstarter project, which is basically an excuse for people to get little marker sketches like theses from me. I am hoping to launch that as soon as I have a video ready for it! We can all go color-shopping together!

Anyway, enjoy the doodles. I will have nice scans of them (and the “Books I Wish Were Already Finished” series that I started in a fit of pique—just think, you could have caught me complaining about it in real-time on twitter!) as soon as I have the chance, probably early next week.

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