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Word of the Day
obtest, v. 1. To supplicate earnestly; beseech. 2. To invoke as witness. 3. To protest. 4. To make supplication; beseech.

From Latin roots ob- (“toward”) and -test, “witness.” A very mysterious word, as several of my etymology sources don’t even recognize it.

The Art Business Book Project
…is at $1605 of $3000! Today’s update was about Marketer.

Daughter at 4 Years
…just graduated from preschool today in a ceremony that included a cap and gown. I am not entirely sure how to feel about this, other than, perhaps, both very old and very young, and very aware of the years before this, and very aware of the years yet to come.

Creative News/Plans
Black Blossom went up today (thank you all), and Monday we head into an emotionally intense and very long scene.

Otherwise, I don’t anticipate getting much done in the next few days, and there are RL things that need to be done also. I would love to get some art and balance card stuff done at some point, but… not sure. There is a lot going on as I move toward my “evaluate where I am and whether I can continue” point in the year.

Elsewhere (The “Visual Fun” Edition)
Horse and Ducks Photo. Get some cute!
The Pattern Cooler. Generate thousands of seamless background textures by choosing a basic pattern and messing with the controls.

Quote of the Day
The artesian well of joy never runs dry. We clog it with our thoughts. ~ Don Blanding

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