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Thursday, with Colorful Eye Candy

Buried Treasure, Unearthed from the Closet

Word of the Day
aperçu, n. 1. A hasty glance; a glimpse. 2. An immediate estimate or judgment; understanding; insight. 3. An outline or summary.

What a delicious word and… I have never heard it or read it used anywhere! Etymology says it means “perceived” in French and entered English in the 1820s…!

Art Business Book Update
We are at $1575 of $3000; today’s update talks about Business Manager, and why she’s the naked one. -_-

Remember, even if you can’t kick in any money, spreading the link and talking about the project is a huge help.

Daughter at 4 Years
No rambling story today, since it has been a day full of MommyFail… but I did find it funny that when we were stuck at a long light, she said, “Maybe if I paint the lights green we could go!”

Creative News/Plans
If donations come in for a Black Blossom tomorrow, we will get that… so far we are 1/3rd of the way there. Otherwise, I am not only not making plans, I am scaling back on existing ones as we coast into summer and the greatly reduced work hours, along with other RL considerations.

All packages I’ve got payment for have gone out (including some of you that had misplaced Spots memorabilia).

Elsewhere (The “What Interests Us Makes Us More Engaged” Edition)
World of Warcraft May Help the Elderly, Studies Show. Games… so many good things, so many bad.
Extrinsic Motivators and Creativity. About artist behavior/satisfaction and its correlation to commission work.

Quote of the Day
Trust what moves you most deeply. ~Sam Keen

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