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Typical Jaguar Conundrum: Audiobooks

Since it’s been pointed out to me that there’s no downside to using ACX to produce audiobooks (thanks, Meilin), I have gamely made an account so I could try out the process and see if it’s to my liking.

My problems begin almost immediately, when it asks me what kind of accent I want the Aphorisms narrator to have. There is no drop-down for “alien.”

I puzzle at that and helplessly leave it as “American-General” before moving on to the rest of my list of books. I think, “I should offer a novel” and my first published is, of course, The Worth of a Shell.

I check the narrator conditions. Under “gender” there is no “neuter” or “androgynous” choice, leaving me to wonder what I should go with. Should I bias my listeners into thinking it’s male? Or female? It’s neither, and this is a first person narrative! The point of telling the story from its viewpoint is that it’s neither male nor female, and being inside its head gives you a sense of what it is to be neuter!

I ponder Even the Wingless. Male narrator? Because two of the three principal characters are male? Female narrator, because the Slave Queen is so important and it’s sort of a romance in places? Would I even be able to listen to the book to vet it, given how much Not-Safe-For-Work blushworthy stuff is in it?

Spots… is a script. There is no “multiple voice actor” option. Which is too bad, because then I could at least use the “preferred accent” drop-down to select “Hispanic” and “American-Western”!

*covers face*

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