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Tuesday with RL

Today starts my “not much time for work” period, so I will be scarce!

Word of the Day
cabotage, n. 1: trade or transport in coastal waters or airspace or between two points within a country 2: the right to engage in cabotage.

From the French caboter, to sail along a coast. This one has political/economic roots from the 16th century, when the French were trying to limit their lucrative coastal trade to French ships.

…is at $1475 of 3000 on Day 6. So close to halfway! Though I haven’t posted an update there yet, to celebrate I’ve unlocked an old post about book contracts I haven’t signed, and why.

Daughter at 4 Years
The other day, we walked to the nearest grocery, which is quite a trip for little legs; on the way there she rode in the stroller, but on the way back she asked if she could walk, and when I said yes did the entire twenty minute route.

On the way home, then, walking alongside me, she said suddenly, “Do you know why I’m not being so LOUD?”

“No,” I said, curiosity piqued by this out-of-the-blue observation. “Why?”

“Because I’m looking at all the beautiful THINGS,” she said, waving a hand at the grass and trees. “And the more I LOOK… the QUIETER I am!”

“You know what?” I said.

“WHAT?” she asked.

“I do that too,” I said.

“OH!” she said. “Then we’re doing the same thing! TOGETHER!”

And so we did, and indeed, she was quieter, because she was too busy looking at all the beautiful things to talk. And as wondrous as that was to see, it didn’t leave me quite so awed as the fact that she had floated above herself long enough to analyze her own behavior.

Creative News/Plans
Another seven pages of Black Blossom yesterday. I think I might be slowing down finally. Folks, in the past two days I’ve increased the novel’s size by 15%. o_O

Anyway, tomorrow’s bonus chapter is paid, and we’re partway to another post on Friday! Drop me a tip if you want the Friday post too!

Elsewhere (The Science Astonished by Art Edition)
Losing Yourself in a Fictional Character Can Affect Your Real Life. Science proves what us art types knew intuitively. -_-
Lenoardo Da Vinci’s Anatomy Drawings: How Accurate Were They? Survey says: when an artist sees something, they can sometimes draw it accurately!

(Okay, that was a touch snarky for me, but… really. -_- )

Quote of the Day
Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars. -Serbian proverb

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