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Monday, with Return of the Daily Post

Word of the Day
flagitious, adj. 1. marked by scandalous crime or vice.

From the Latin flagitium, “shameful thing,” and perhaps related to flagrum, “whip.” First appeared in the late 14th century to describe wicked or criminal people, and has slowly expanded to describe intangibles like acts, ideas or principles.

I note my spellchecker doesn’t know this one. Infamous!

Wiki Page of the Day
In my spare time I keep adding bits and pieces to the Eldritch page.

We are at $1375 of $3000, with 35 days to go! Head on over there for a daily cartoon and an excerpt from the new chapter on communication.

Daughter at 4 Years
…heard in passing, while heading with her father to bed:

“Is that a NEW BOOK?”

“Yes! It’s about Thor the Warrior!”

“What was he worried about?”

Creative News/Plans
Ugh, Black Blossom is EATING ME. I have not had insomnia because of a book in years. I had forgotten how much that hurts. I am also irritated because it has spawned a scene that I can’t write because Farren isn’t going to see it, but that I want to write anyway, and then I might not be able to share because it’s Not Safe for Work In Any Way, and I don’t write stuff like that, and then Marketer says, “But if you did, people would read it and pay you money for it!”

*covers face*

I am going to go do something more productive now, like draw cartoons.

Elsewhere (The Changing Culture Edition)
Mystery Company Backed by James Cameron and Google Executives May Be an Asteroid Mining Project. Skynet is coming.
Technology and Culture: Which is Stronger? As usual, Nicholas Carr asks interesting questions.

Quote of the Day
The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. – Sydney Harris

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