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Every Sunday that I have the afternoon to work, I sit down and write the next few pages of Black Blossom. Usually I will do between 3 and 5 pages; enough to get Monday’s segment ready, and prime part of the following segment. It’s easier, I find, to resume writing mid-scene when I know what’s going to happen than to have a complete scene-break.

Today, I wrote 21 pages. And stopped midscene in the middle of what is probably the least work-safe scene that’s taken place in one of my serials since the Admonishments in 2008. There is stuff here not just about Kor, but about the First Servant, and about the secret trials, and about Kor’s past, that I just didn’t know because you know, KOR DIDN’T TELL ME.

But he’ll tell Farren. And he is.

This scene. I had to stop in the middle of it. And it’s just the crown jewel on a bunch of gut-ripping scenes, starting on Monday.

Twenty-one pages. That is some serious fire.

I hope we get the extra two episode slots next week, and I’m almost tempted to open up a third. Because I think you might want it.

Whatever the case, we’ll start it off Monday with calligraphy and a plot twist I hope some of you won’t have guessed, but that all of you will say ‘of course! It makes perfect sense!’ when you see it.

Tomorrow, friends.

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