M. C. A. Hogarth (haikujaguar) wrote,
M. C. A. Hogarth

Best of the Independent eBook Awards

I have received some nominations over at the eFestival of Words Best of the Indies! A rather surprising number, even:

• Best Novel nominee: Even the Wingless
• Harvey Award nominee (the book we most want to see as a movie): Spots the Space Marine
• Best Short Story Nominee: “Unspeakable
• Best Science Fiction: Spots the Space Marine

And of course, the most entertaining:

• Best Villain nominee: the Chatcaavan Emperor, from Even the Wingless.

Which prompted him to show up with a ‘did you really want to attract my attention’ sort of look that I had to draw:

See, he’s waving to all you yummy-looking potential slavesaliens!

So, yes, thank you for the nominations! I am pleased as punch, though obviously not quite as pleased as himself, there. -_-

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Tags: awards, news, publishing
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