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Thursday, with Sea Creatures


Word of the Day
pelf, n. 1. Money; riches; gain — generally conveying the idea of something ill-gotten.

From the Old French pelfre, “booty, stolen goods,” and related to pilfer. First recorded in 1500.

Daughter at 4 Years
She was in the backseat drawing while I was driving her to school today, some incredibly busy scene full of sea creatures (which she has recited to me while drawing: shark, jellyfish, fish, octopus, sea snake). She asked me what to add next and I said, “A whale!”

“I don’t have enough ROOM for a whale,” she said.

“Okay,” I said. “How about you, visiting all your sea creature friends?”

“Okay!” she said, and was silent a moment save for the *scritchscritch* of the pen. Then, “Do you know why I drew a circle around me?”

“No,” I said.

“It’s one of those things. A boat that goes underwater.”

“A submarine?” I said.

“YES,” she said. “A submarine. I am inside. So the jellyfish can’t sting me!”

“That’s a good idea,” I agreed. “If you’re in a submarine you’ll be protected. And you can breathe. Because we can’t breathe water, like the fish do.”

“No,” she agreed sagely. “That’s why I have scuba gear.”

Sometimes the surreality of the stuff my four-year-old daughter knows strikes me.

Creative News/Plans
90% of the Spots books went out yesterday… and international shipping decimated my budget. Mailing to Canada’s not so bad. Once you start talking continental Europe? $35 in postage. That’s not counting the padded envelope.

Serious mistake there. I will not make it again. I’ll probably be dipping into savings to mail out the Rosary stuff, which means my 2012 Kickstarter’s going to go backwards. :P

Anyway. We have Black Blossom tomorrow (thank you!). Today I’m making another big mailing and am finishing up the Rosary incentives (drawing the bookmarks). And I’m starting to experiment with Team Kitty merchandise like this mug; note you can get 15% off all mugs with coupon code MUGONMUGSALE, if you are so minded. Zazzle is always running a ton of concurrent sales, which you can track here.

Elsewhere (The Unexpected Art Edition)
Artist Transforms Bonsai Trees and Empty Cans into Insane Lilliputian Cities. I’d live in that resort!
Photos of Famous Cartoon Characters in Minimalist Lego Form. o_O

Quote of the Day
The best way to teach people is by telling a story. – Kenneth Blanchard

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