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Friday with Probable Livestream

It looks like I might have some time and energy tonight to do a livestream one-card-draw! Expect a post later today, if so, where I give details. But probably a 9ish EST start time.

Word of the Day
alate, adj. 1. Having wings; winged. 2. Having membranous expansions like wings.
n. 1. The winged form of an insect when both winged and wingless forms occur in the species.

I used this word in a poem once about prayer and was annoyed when my teacher insisted I was making things up. But anyway. The etymology source is talky about this one: “Alate is comprised of the Latin roots āla meaning “wing” and the suffix -ate which was used in Latin to make a word an adjective (like separate) but in English came to be used to create a verb out of a noun (like agitate).”

Wiki Page of the Day
I’m pleased to see the Godkin story already has a page. Tabard is quick-footed about these things. -_-

Daughter at 4 Years
My bedding is mostly dark green jersey with some dark blue in it, and the other day I walked in to find… that some artistic little hand had left a tiny, bright red and black stuffed cardinal nestled next to my pillow. Very nicely arranged, it was.

I was staring at it, startled, when I heard a little giggle behind me.

“Did you put that bird there?” I asked her.

She grinned and skipped off.

…and I, three days later, have not yet had the heart to move it. It’s not just that she left it for me… it’s that she chose that particular animal, and there was something so… random and perfect about it.

A lot of parenthood is moments like that. Random and perfect.

Creative News/Plans
Currently working on the Kickstarter for the art business book, and discussing how to get the materials to Dave for layout with the least pain possible; I am planning on getting that moving the week after next.

Black Blossom is trucking along nicely. I’m eyeing some short fiction I have lying around also, I’d like to get those out of my lap.

Artwise, I’d like to be doing something, but what, I’m not sure. I do miss painting, but losing my painting space was harsh. I am also resisting the urge to do something crazy, like buy a box of pastels. I feel a hunger for riotous colors lately.

Finally, consulting my Zazzle RSS reveals that my staunch assistant has gone mousepad-crazy. >.> Zazzle’s also having a 10.40% off everything sale until Tuesday, in honor of tax day.

Elsewhere (The People with Wings Edition)
Wing-on-People Tutorial. This is most excellent.
The Beauty of Ballet Captured at 1000 FPS. So is this.

Quote of the Day
An argument is always about what has been made more important than the relationship. – Hugh Prather

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