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Friday, with Snails

I have some things going on next week for which I must prepare, and I will probably not be at keyboard much. Don’t expect to see much of me online until end of next week, thus.

Word of the Day
rutilant, adj. 1. Glowing or glittering with golden or ruddy light.

From the Latin rutilans, meaning “having a reddish color or glow.” Which is great, so I don’t know where they get glittering with “golden” light. Because a ruddy light and a golden light are very different colors to me, so despite really wanting to like this word whenever I read it I will be secretly wondering “should I be imagining a yellowish glow or a reddish one?”

Wiki Page of the Day
Now that the Spots universe has more than one story in it, it has a setting page. I should ponder whether I really want the universe to be named “the spots universe” or if I should give it some other name.

Daughter at 4 Years
Child: “Do you like snails?”

Mommy: “I do!”

Child: “Then I have a present for you!”

And she did. And I liked the first one so much she made a family of them for me.

Creative News/Plans
Spots is about ready to go to press, so to speak. I’m also prepping Rosary in case it funds (still at 40% with 17 days to go).

If you read Spots but didn’t back the project, the story epilogue I wrote for backers is now available on Smashwords for 99 cents. It should also be available on Amazon in a couple of days.

I’d like to write tomorrow about a teaching opportunity, if I get the chance.

Finally, while I won’t be around much next week, I will queue some things up to auto-post while I’m busy, so you should at least get Black Blossom and maybe another random content post if I think of something before I get too involved. Maybe I’ll queue the teaching post for then also.

Elsewhere (The Wondrous Animals Edition)
The Wonders of Bird Migration. Illustrated with an animated gif.
World’s Tiniest Chameleon. Perched on a matchstick.

Quote of the Day
Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. -Blaise Pascal

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