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Thursday in Passing

My guest lecture today went well! I had a great time! I will have to talk about it more later, if I get a chance. And do more things like that. I enjoy public speaking. :)

Word of the Day
ebullient, adj. 1. boiling, agitated. 2. having or showing liveliness or enthusiasm: exuberant.

Etymology says this derives from ebullire, Latin for “to bubblet out.”

Wiki Page of the Day
I am amused that there is a category for unpublished works. I think this may be Tabard’s way of nudging me. >.>

Daughter at 4 Years
…told me yesterday that the priest put “dirt” on her forehead. “It’s a cross,” Child went on to say as she climbed into the car. “So we remember Jesus, and how she died for us.”

Not being entirely sure if I’d heard that correctly, I didn’t say anything. But all the way home I wondered what Jesus thought of his gender-fluid identity, and if this was another episode of The Adventures of Jesus (as Told by My Toddler).

Creative News/Plans
My new brushes finally came in, so I’ll be finishing up the color tests for the painting this week so I can get started on the painting next week. Expect photos!

Also, tomorrow (barring any weird happenstance), I’ll be hosting a late evening livestream to do a One Card Draw. Keep an eye open for that.

Elsewhere (The Human Body Edition)
The Myth of the Eight-Hour Sleep. This one’s making the rounds today, for good reason.
Macro Photos of the Human Eye. I don’t even know how to describe the texture of the iris. Amazing!

Quote of the Day
Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~Seneca

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