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Fat Tuesday

Will there be a wheat-poisoned King Cake today in celebration of my heritage? I am still debating.

Word of the Day
malversation, n. 1. Misconduct, corruption or extortion in public office.

Etymology says: ‘comes, via French, from Latin male, “badly” + versari, “to be engaged in, to take part in.”‘

Wiki Page of the Day
I am impressed by the Jokku Trade page Liana Mir’s been making. Pretty cool! I might have to refer to it during the next Jokka story I write. >.>

Daughter at 4 Years
…had an evaluation at her potential kindergarten the other week. I was very nervous about leaving her in a new place: would she be afraid? Would she be willing to stay? Would they call me halfway through the two-hour visit to get me to pick her up?

But no, instead I arrived, all frazzled, to find a beaming child who declared, “I WANT TO STAY! FOREVER!”

The sweet-faced teacher who’d overseen her stay in the classroom gave her a giant hug. “What a sunny personality!” she said to me. “She was our little bundle of energy! I’m so glad she came!”

“Did you have a good time?” I asked Child.

“IT WAS GREAT!” she said.

And all the anxiety just drained out of me in one big surge. I sighed out and smiled as I helped her into the car. “Well, if all goes well, you will be going to this school right after your birthday, in August!”

“I want to go back NOW!” she said.

“Soon,” I said. “For now we have to go back to school—”

“SCHOOL!” she shrieked. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOooOOOO I want to go to the NEW place!”

On the way back to her preschool, listening to her tantrum, I reflected that parenthood is often that way: the things you think are going to be problematic are fine, and the things you didn’t think of rise up out of nowhere and punch you between the eyes (“KNOCKOUT!”). -_-

Creative News/Plans
The Spots Kickstarter passed the $2K mark over the weekend, which means I’ll be working on the epilogue! We’re also $25 toward the next incentive at $2500, the patches. Will we get there in 13 days? I don’t know, but I suspect that will depend entirely on how far the project gets passed. :)

Meanwhile, my other tasks for the week involve working on outsourcing, paring Stardancer down as I continue my “streamline the brand” activities, cleaning up some fiction for sale and working on the art business book. The calligraphy will go out this week (separate post on that today or tomorrow).

Finally, Friday night I am tentatively planning a Balance Card One Card Draw livestream.

Elsewhere (The Things In Your Head Edition)
Better Living Through Electrochemistry. This was a fascinating read. I have no idea what to think of it.
Floaters. The things in your eyes, that is.

Quote of the Day
We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents. ~ Bob Ross
You probably have to have seen Bob Ross to know why this is funny. But it is funny. >.>

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